AirportContent of TAF forecast
LYBETAF LYBE 140500Z 1406/1506 30005KT CAVOK TX33/1413Z TN18/1503Z PROB30 TEMPO 1413/1417 TSRA SCT035CB SCT045 TEMPO 1323/1406 VRB15G25KT 4000 TSRA SCT027CB BKN035=
LYBTTAF LYBT 132300Z 1400/1424 12005KT CAVOK TX33/1413Z TN18/1403Z PROB30 TEMPO 1412/1415 TSRA SCT040CB=
LYKVTAF LYKV 132300Z 1400/1424 12005KT CAVOK TX33/1413Z TN16/1403Z TEMPO 1403/1405 4000 BR PROB30 TEMPO 1414/1417 34015KT 5000 TSRA SCT033CB SCT050=
LYNITAF LYNI 140500Z 1406/1506 15004KT CAVOK TX34/1414Z TN17/1503Z PROB30 TEMPO 1412/1415 TS FEW035CB SCT045 PROB40 TEMPO 1502/1506 30015G25KT 5000 TSRA SCT030CB SCT040=
LYVRTAF LYVR 140500Z 1406/1506 14005KT CAVOK TX34/1414Z TN18/1503Z TEMPO 1322/1406 25015G25KT 3000 TSRA SCT027CB BKN035=
LYUZTAF LYUZ 132300Z 1400/1424 22006KT 9999 SCT025 TX25/1412Z TN15/1403Z PROB40 TEMPO 1413/1417 34015KT 5000 TSRA SCT010CB BKN015=
LYPGTAF LYPG 132300Z 1400/1424 36005KT CAVOK TX36/1414Z TN21/1403Z=
LYTVTAF LYTV 132300Z 1400/1424 02005KT CAVOK TX32/1413Z TN18/1403Z=

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