Petar has gone to the medical treatment to Italy

Jovanović: Medical flights are priority


This morning at eight o′clock, Petar Petrović has flown to Italy for medical treatment by the Republic of Serbia Government′s aircraft.

Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC provided shortest route for this flight due to urgency of boy′s transport, who was treated in University Children′s Hospital Tiršova.  Mr. Predrag Jovanović, SMATSA LLC CEO emphasized that medical flights have priority at taking off and landing.

In the company of both parents, this morning, the boy went to Italy, by the Republic of Serbia Government′s aircraft, which is specially equipped for these purposes, to have transplantation of liver that will be performed on the cost of Republic Health Insurance Institute.

The patient is sent to Italian town Bergamo for the treatment. The hospital in Bergamo is specialized for this type of illness and for transplantation of liver. Mrs. Sanja Radojević Škodrić, RHII Director said that time has very important role when we talk about Petar Petrović case, since the boy has Budd-Chiari syndrome diagnose which leads to failure of liver function by the time.

Ivica Petrović, boy′s father thanked to all for quick reaction and  for the approval of the financial means for the treatment in the shortest possible time as well as for the transport to Italy. He expects that transplantation will go well and that Petar will return safe and sound to Serbia soon.