July 2013

Večernje novosti – From Boeing into SMATSA


T. SPALEVIĆ | 14th July 2013. 12:05 | Upon achieving his American dream, Nenad Bjelogrlić, 33 year old Belgrade citizen, returned to his native country Serbia. Why on earth have you returned to Serbia? This question has been haunting Nenad Bjelogrlić, 33 year old air engineer, for more than a month, from the first moment when…

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TangoSix – The configuration of a new SMATSA’S King Air 350 aircraft


Le Bourget 2013: The configuration of a new SMATSA’s King Air 350 aircraft Written by: Petar Vojinović - July 4, 2013 Le Bourget – The Beechcraft company appeared on Paris Air Show Le Bourget with a part of their diverse range of products for military and civil purposes, which, for several decades, has been representing the…

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