April 2014

Students visited SMATSA Aviation Academy


The students of Aeronautical College “Petar Drapšin“ from Belgrade visited SMATSA Aviation Academy at Vršac today. Before the pupils visited the premises, SMATSA Aviation Academy representatives had held a lecture to future aviators.The fleet of 20 aircraft and SAA Control Tower were the most attractive to them. Miss Marija Marinković, the student, said for our…

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Emergency Landing at Airport Ponikve


The civil aircraft "Cessna 150", designation mark HAERB, carrying two Hungarian nationals, performed an emergency landing at Airport Ponikve near Uzice at 14:05 today due to an engine failure. The aircraft took off from Belgrade heading to Tivat and then reported an engine failure to TMC Beograd. Upon the request of the pilot, the aircraft…

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Overflights over Kosovo and Metohija


Mr Radojica Rovčanin, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC CEO, has announced today that SMATSA LLC will be receiving 500,000 euro annually for the support provided to the HungaroControl in the realization of overflights over Kosovo and Metohija. In his statement to the Beta News Agency, Mr Rovčanin said that the reopening of…

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