November 2018

New Students′ Class Enrolment at SAA, Vršac


Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA Llc SMATSA Aviation Academy   Announces OPEN COMPETITION for New Class Enrolment   of the students at ATP (A) INTEGRATED training course for obtaining Commercial Pilot Licence with MEP and IR/ME ratings, including MCC course.   The entry test for all interested candidates will be held on Tuesday,…

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People′s Republic of China Ambassador visits SМАТSА


On Friday, 16th November, HE, Mr. Li Manchang, the Ambassador of PRC China in Serbia visited SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vršac, together with his associates. “I really have great impressions. I did not know that Academy is so big and modern and at such a high level” said Ambassador. Mr. Predrag Jovanović, CEO of Serbia and…

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