March 2014

Letter of EUROCONTROL Director General after his visit to SMATSA LLC


Dear Mr Rovčanin, dear Radojica, I would like to thank you very much for the kind hospitality you extended to me during my mission in Belgrade on 14-15 July 2014. I very much appreciated the pleasant atmosphere, the professional assistance and the excellent organization of the meeting. My visit to Serbia resulted in a number…

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Airport Vrsac – Border Crossing


Today, SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vrsac, for the first time in six years is again operating as a border crossing. In particular premises made for this purpose, the Border Police and Customs checked passports and luggage of the Romanian delegation who made an official visit to SAA. In the delegation which crossed Vrsac Border Crossing,…

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Possible training of pilots from Japan


“The development of aviation is very important, both for Serbia and Japan. The Japanese Flight Academy believes that the conditions for training pilots have to be the same throughout the whole world”, said the Director of the Japanese Flight Academy Kenichi Negishi during a visit to SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vrsac. “What I saw in…

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