Here in Vršac the world teaches how to fly

Mr Mladen Šarcevic, the Minister of Education, visits SMATSA Aviation Academy

Here in Vršac the world teaches how to fly


As the part of mini-Banat tour, Mr Mladen Šarčević, the Minister of Education, visited Vršac on Wednesday, the 24th January 2018.

– We talked a lot about the total investments in educational institutions as well as about forming a new network of schools, which will include local governments as they have to give us their own proposals and solutions. Some other reforms, such as enhanced use of sports in teaching, compulsory teachers and directors training and implementation of new legal solutions were also presented to them – said Mr Šarcević after visiting “Borislav Petrov Braca” Gymnasium, “Mladost” Primary School and SMATSA Aviation Academy.

Satisfied with what he saw at the academy, where currently 132 students from all over the world are being trained in contemporary conditions, the Minister expressed his wish to include this school in a “Study in Serbia” new program of the Ministry of Education, which will start with its promotion in incoming days.

– Countries that used to send their students to our studies are interested in it again. So we are now making catalogues in which 24 study programs will be presented in English language. In the second round we will also include private faculties – added Mr Šarcevic.

It is planned that catalogues and internet presentations should be promoted at International Education Fairs. At the same time, the Minister reminded that Republic of Serbia has not been presented at these fairs so far and many opportunities have been missed.

While visiting SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vršac, Mr Šarčević flew with Cessna 172, the type of aircraft on which the students are trained. Under the commands of Mr Dragan Bakić, a pilot and an instructor, the Minister flew the so-called “traffic pattern” over the mountains of Vršac and even had the opportunity to steer the aircraft in a role of a co-pilot. Upon landing, he was awarded  ”to undergo the baptism of fire in an airplane” diploma.

The minister has announced that a new model of learning and work will be implemented in the new school year with the aim of acquiring applicable knowledge. According to the announcement of the Ministry of Education, the minister portended that this model will commence in the first and fifth-class of primary and first-class of secondary school. In a conversation with Mrs Dragana Mitrović, the mayor of Vršac, he said that the past year was a preparing one for a major change that follows starting from the 1st September 2018.

“Borislav Petrov Braca” Gymnasium, “Mladost” Primary School and SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vršac were visited by the Minister.



J. J. B. / Beta / the 24th January  2018. / Evening News