Overflights record number

Air traffic growth in Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Llc jurisdiction zone

Overflights record number


The record number of users have been using the airspace in the SMATSA Llc jurisdiction starting from the beginning of this year. The traffic growth has been recorded at all relevant airports, while overflight traffic has reached historical records at all categories.

On Tuesday, on 10th July 2018, Air Traffic Control Officers of ATCC Beograd provided safe service, without any delay, to record number of the aircraft per hour. That is to say, in the period from 12PM to 13PM, local time, 221 aircraft had been using the airspace under Air Traffic Control Centre Beograd jurisdiction.

Working hours with two hundred aircraft have become day-to-day routine for En-route ATCOs who perform their tasks in safe and professional way, in spite of the fact that traffic is conducted in extremely difficult meteorological conditions, making the ATCOs′ job even more complex.