SMATSA LLC and CAD marked 15 years of operations

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SMATSA LLC and CAD marked 15 years of operations


Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC and Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia have marked 15 years of business operations. For this occasion, a special celebration was organized in the premises of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade.

The hosts, Mr. Predrag Jovanović, CEO of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC and Mrs. Mirjana Čizmarov, Director of Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia welcomed the guests in the Gala Hall of the Old Palace.

“Since we are country with long lasting civil aviation tradition whose sky is cross-roads connecting Europe with the rest of the world, Serbia has always paid a special attention to the development and upgrading of civil aviation.

Following the requirement to enable safe and continuous air traffic flow, respecting principles of the market, non-discrimination, transparency and neutrality, we recognized that modern civil aviation and constant need for upgrade in this area, require new approach towards aviation authority organization”-said Mrs. Čizmarov.

Addressing to the present she emphasized that this period of 15 years was full of challenges but they contributed to greater devotion and engagement with an aim that Serbia gets a place it deserves in the aviation community and that it becomes unavoidable part of aviation family again.

“Rich and long lasting tradition in aviation at this region, accumulated knowledge and modern views represented solid potential that should be used and realized.

Establishing SMATSA LLC at the very end of the year 2003, few days before CAD establishment, we created the foundation for keeping the pace with the rest.

We intensively advanced at the several directions: we started with radar systems modernization as well as display systems for radar data; voice communication system modernization and our staff has been constantly trained in the country and abroad. In short period of time we created the conditions that will enable that quality, performances of the services are brought to the level which provider of the services in Serbia, and Montenegro deserves”- Mr. Jovanović pointed out.

Emphasizing the importance of the completed projects, cooperation with CAD, cooperation with other state’s institutions  and international organizations during 15 years’ time, CEO of SMATSA LLC stressed with the pleasure the following: “Today SMATSA LLC is the synonym for successful, modern, respectful air navigation services provider within pan- European region.“

Mr. Aleksandar Vulin, Minister of Defence, Mr. Zoran Đorđevic, Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, His Excellency the Ambassador of Montenegro to the RS, Mr. Branislav Mićunović, Commander of Air Force and Air Defence, Major General Duško Žarković, SMATSA LLC’s and CAD’s managing bodies representatives, representatives of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure as well as many other representatives were present at the celebration.

Mrs. Čizmarov and Mr. Jovanović agreed that they would never achieve the stated results without teamwork and devoted and highly professional staff.

They used this opportunity to thank to all for having trust, for support, work and their endeavours for last 15 years.

“Obviously the next 15 years will bring us big challenges. But we wouldn’t be what we are if we are not ready to accept those kind of challenges and to work to create the foundation for good professional future to our professional successors in SMATSA LLC as well as in all institutions connected with the operations we are conducting”- Mr. Jovanović added at the end.