SMATSA LLC the best in Europe

„Safety Maturity Score“ brought SMATSA LLC at the first place among 48 ANSPs

SMATSA LLC the best in Europe


Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services


Chief Executive Officer’s Office


30th December 2015




European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, EUROCONTROL, with its headquarters located in Brussels, proclaimed SMATSA llc to be the best Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP) in Europe for the year 2015. It was concluded that, out of 48 service providers in EUROCONTROL system, SMATSA Llc is definitely positioned at the first place, by using “Safety Maturity Score“ analysis or so called Safety Management System “maturity measurement“ within Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA Llc (SMATSA Llc) conducted by EUROCONTROL each year.

For the last five years SMATSA Llc has been placed almost at the top of the list among all ANSPs in Europe, so the new results represent the crown of all its work up to now. This is the result of constant investment in system development, development of human resources and permanent modernization and upgrade, thus enabling raise of safety culture awareness within all SMATSA Llc employees. Having rank like this enables us to cooperate with all European providers, to participate in all international projects, which will, in the long run, give us an opportunity to exchange important information concerning overall European sky safety. As it has been case until now, SMATSA Llc will continue to apply the best world practice in order to maintain the current level of air traffic safety.




Status of the Air Navigation Service Provider


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On 29th August this year, even 2.969 aircraft flew over the sky of Serbia, Montenegro, South Adriatic Sea and 55% of the upper airspace of BIH, thus representing historical record since SMATSA Llc establishment. At the peak hour it was even almost 300 passenger aircraft. They were all safe, flying through our airspace using the shortest routes and in the shortest time possible. Around 600.000 overflights are expected until the end of this year, which is almost 55.000 overflights more than last year. In order to illustrate how heavy is the air traffic above us, we can mention the fact that during sixties in the last century we had only 370 aircraft annually and now we have almost the same number only in one hour. SMATSA llc is the stable ATS provider within air traffic control services field, which is confirmed with the fact that within our area of jurisdiction along 155 000 square meters, there are no delays. Also in this year modernization of technical equipment and systems was performed. Further on SMATSA Llc has professional staff for air traffic control services as well as for pilots and air traffic control officers training and also in telecommunication, navigation and surveillance provision field. This overflights record matches our financial success in this year since we are ranked among first 15 companies in the terms of net profit in this year and the only one aviation institution.

SMATSA Llc is not budget user but the company which is earning its money on its own and paying into the budget of the country for various contributions that can serve as an example to the others. So this year SMATSA llc invested into the budget of the Republic of Serbia, almost 30 million euros for taxes, contributions and international liabilities. SMATSA Llc provided in 2015, million euros for GAMA Knife purchase for Serbia Clinical Centre from the money we managed to collect from carriers from all over the world on the bases of the old debt. Being the only donor for GAMA Knife purchase we are satisfied that almost 36 interventions have been performed for only one month. SMATSA Llc has also utilized the company aircraft for the transport of the sick children abroad for the medical treatment at the request of the National Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Health. Furthermore, SMATSA LLC has provided equipment for the Children’s Cardiovascular Clinic at Zvezdara, Valjevo Hospital and the Children’s Hospital in Tiršova Street in Belgrade.

Air Traffic Control possesses also two academies: SMATSA LLC Aviation Academy in Vršac for pilots training and ANS Personnel Training Centre in Belgrade for ATCOs training. We have almost 130 self-funding students, future pilots in Vršac, with almost 100% capacity fulfillment .We are very proud of this Academy since it has been training pilots for the whole world for 60 years. We provide training at our airfield, with 20 airplane fleet and best instructors and teachers. In SMATSA Llc Aviation Academy in Vršac, there were 1852 hours of flying, thus representing the biggest number of flying hours in one month for the last ten years. In the next few months we will announce enrollment of the new generation of the students- air traffic controller officers.