55th АТCЕUC in Belgrade

SМАТSА, the Host of Air Traffic Controllers European Unions’ Committee

55th АТCЕUC in Belgrade


Today, 55th ATCEUC Committee Meeting (Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Coordination), consisting of Air Traffic Controllers Unions’ representatives from whole Europe, has been opened in Belgrade. At the beginning Mr Predrag Jovanović, CEO of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA Llc addressed to the present:

“Welcome to Serbia and Belgrade. I am glad to be here with you today. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to open this event.

Today Air Traffic Control Officers are working in very complex surrounding. On the one hand, we have very strict regulations of the regulatory bodies, on the other, high expectations of the users, European Commission. We are facing constant traffic growth, new technology. Services’ providers are in the centre, especially Air Traffic Control Officers who should react to these challenges.

Being a CEO, I am part of social dialogue with Unions and I do not think that we are on opposite sides of the negotiation table. We are at the same side, so we must focus on partnership, cooperation, mutual respect and trust, since we have same objective to improve our industry.
I do hope that you will find answers to some of those questions here, in the following two days.

Wish you successful work and pleasant stay in Belgrade. Thank you.”

The meeting is held in hotel Moskva, in the presence of 80 European Unions′ representatives and it will last until 5th of April, 2019.