A car of the year award

For the title of nine competitors!

A car of the year award


P. Ž. | 4th March  2019. 16:41

Two-day tests of nine cars which fight for the flattering title were held this year in Vršac, on the SAA Aviation Academy runway.

AWARDS  for ‘ The Car of the Year’  are entering the final stage. Two-day tests of nine cars which fight for the flattering title were held this year in Vršac, on the SAA Aviation Academy runway. After consulting  the Association of Importers of New Cars and Parts of Serbia, the jury of the Association of Car Journalists of Serbia included the following models in the final part of the selection: Audi A6, BMV X5, Peugeot 508, Mercedes Benz  A, Volkswagen Touareg, Skoda Karoq, Ford Focus and Toyota Corola.

‘We are traditionally chosing  the Car of the Year in Serbia’ says for ‘Novosti’  Dragan Milutinović,  the president of the Association of  Car Journalists of Serbia.  All jury members have already tried these models earlier, some at world premieres, some on our test drives. This test on the runway in Vršac, with presentations by representatives of companies that have candidates, should outline the best of the best. Competition is extremely tough and nuances will decide – says Milutinović. Unlike previous years when four cars and different categories were chosen, only one car will be selected to win the title this year  and it shall bear the title of the best on the Serbian market.

‘A jury composed of nine journalists made an intense two-day test of the finalists’ driving in the most secure conditions at the SAA Aviation Academy airport.’ said the president of the jury, the famous car journalist Aleksandar Uglješić. Vehicles are judged and scored according to the established criteria and the final grade of each vehicle defines the sum of points won for items such as exterior and interior design, functionality, comfort, driving dynamics, safety features, economy and many others.

This year’s jury consists of well-known car  journalists – Pavle Barta (Auto Republika), Aleksandar Tucaković (RTS), Mladen Radulović (Kurir), Nikola Radulović (Auto), Petar Živković (Novosti), Nebojša Lindić (Mobil pres), Vladica Šljivić (Plamrejs), Aleksandar Uglješić (‘D-moušn’), Srđan Predojević (TV Prva).

Final decision will be made in the next ten days and the result will be announced at the International Car Show in Belgrade, which starts on 22 March.

This year special awards will be given for the best texts and photographs in this field, but for the first time, the best ‘PR’ in the car industry of Serbia shall be announced.

Special awards will also be granted to importers who sold the greatest number of hybrid or electric vehicles on the market.

Source: Večernje novosti