On 24th May 2024, SMATSA CEO, Mr. Predrag Jovanović and his associates visited DHMI Deputy Director General and Member of the Board, Dr. Cengiz PAŞAOĞLU and his team in Istanbul. The meeting between SMATSA and DHMI took place in a working and constructive atmosphere. Both ANS providers exchanged views on operations, on ATM and…

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CPDLC – Controller Pilot Data Link Communications


Starting February 22nd 2024, SMATSA joined family of European ANSP’s using CPDLC - Controller Pilot Data Link Communications, as an additional mean of communication between ATCOS and the crews. CPDLC is used in Beograd ATCC AoR from FL205-FL660. CPDLC means the exchange of predifined messages between pilots and the controllers. This has no impact on…

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New TopSky – ATC Controller’s tools

Since December 2023 SMATSA llc has started using the improved TopSky-ATC version which includes controller tools that were developed jointly by SMATSA and Thales ATM system experts. Other TopSky-ATC users are yet to implement the tools that were developed as a part of this project. Improved tools are based on the further development of the…

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Expansion of Cross-border Free Route Airspace


On June 8th Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA hosted meeting in Belgrade with partners of Southeast Europe Common Sky Initiativie (SECSI) – AustroControl, Slovenia Control, CroControl, BHANSA, Albcontrol and M-NAV discussing further expansion of Free Route Airspace with Italy and Hungary/Romania/Bulgaria and beyond. SECSI Partners confirmed unity and determination to continuous improvement of…

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COOPANS harmonization team representatives, from five of the six ANSPs, members of COOPANS Alliance Austro Control, Croatia Control, Naviair, Irish Aviation Authority and NAV Portugal, visited SMATSA Llc in order to exchange information related to the technical monitoring and control function of the SMATSA TopSky-ATC system (RCMS system).  COOPANS is currently under planning activities to…

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Albcontrol and M-NAV join the SECSI Free Route Area programme


Albcontrol (Albania) and M-NAV (Republic of North Macedonia) will join the Southeast Europe Common Sky Initiative (SECSI) Free Route Airspace (FRA) (SECSI FRA) programme from December 2, 2021. SECSI FRA has been developed with the support of the Network Manager and with the new programme members it will constitute one of the largest cross-border Free…

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Meeting of Predrag Jovanović, SMATSA CEO and Fahrudin Hamidi, M-NAV CEO


On 4th November 2021, at Air Traffic Control Centre Beograd, bilateral meeting of Predrag Jovanović, SMATSA CEO and Fahrudin Hamidi, Executive Director of Air Navigation Services Provider in North Macedonia, M-NAV, was held, together with their associates. At the meeting two ANSPs confirmed the continuity of excellent operational and corporative cooperation, have agreed about further…

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Minister, Mr. Momirović is visiting Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services


Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure’s Minister, Mr. Tomislav Momirović together with SMATSA CEO, Mr. Predrag Jovanović went to see civil works on the construction of new Aerodrome Control Tower as well as on Air Traffic Control Centre Beograd building. - Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA Llc and Airport “Nikola Tesla” will get…

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New Class Enrolment at SAA, Vrsac


      Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC SMATSA Aviation Academy Announce:                                                  N E W   C L A S S   E N R O L M E…

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New Class Enrolment at SAA, Vrsac


  SMATSA llc SMATSA Aviation Academy announces: N E W   C L A S S  E N R O L M E N T   for admitting students at ATP (A) INTEGRATED (Airline Transport Pilot Integrated Course) for obtaining licenses for MEP - Multi Engine Piston Class Rating, IR/ME - Instrument Rating for Airplane Multi…

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