Technical Infrastructure

Basic technical support for checking and flight calibration services of ground based radio navigation aids from the air as well as for validation of the flight procedures is Hawker Beech Super King Air 350 aircraft with built-in AD-AFIS-260 calibration system. Aerodata AG has produced this calibration system and incorporated it in the aircraft, in compliance with valid  international standards and requirements.



Hawker Beech Super King Air 350 (YU-BTC) aircraft is a combination of high-performance aircraft with modern design. The power plant consists of two highly reliable turboprop Pratt & Whitney PT6A-60A engines.

The aircraft is equipped with Pro Line 21 system architecture, which belongs to a group of the most sophisticated aviation-system-related solutions. Basic system’s architecture comprises of “Flight Management System” FMS-3000 with WAAS/EGNOS/SBAS option.  The integral part of the aircraft equipment is EGPWS, TAWS, TCAS-II and ADS-B.


Flight Calibration System

Aircraft YU-BTC is equipped with AD-AFIS-260, highly accurate and reliable modern flight calibration system.

In the conditions of favourable satellite constellation, the application of the P-DGPS (phase-DGPS) solution, enables the flight calibration system to calculate the aircraft reference position with the dynamic accuracy of less than 10cm, which is enough for the calibration of an ILS CATIII.

Flight calibration system can simultaneously measure the signals generated from several ground aids (ILS, MKR, VOR, NDB, TACAN, DME). In DME scanning regime, there is a possibility of checking 8 DME equipment in real time.

Flight calibration system can automatically connect with aircraft’s auto pilot thus significantly influencing the repetitions of flight procedures, shortening the calibration time as well as pilots workload.

Using 3D calibration diagrams of antenna strength ensures compliance of measuring of the signal field strength from the field, with ICAO Doc. 8071 defined requirements.

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