Compliance Monitoring

As part of maintaining the certificates for the services and functions it provides, SMATSA llc monitors compliance with applicable requirements and adequacy of the procedures. Compliance monitoring includes a feedback system of findings to the Accountable Manager to ensure effective implementation of corrective actions as necessary.

Compliance monitoring implies defined, implemented and maintained:

  • basic structure,
  • monitoring of documentation,
  • organisational set-up (person responsible for compliance monitoring, duties and responsibilities, requirements for personnel involved in compliance monitoring and training) and
  • compliance monitoring documentation.


The basic structure of the compliance monitoring function is defined within the Management Systems Sector, i.e. the Quality Management and Compliance Monitoring Department and includes compliance monitoring with the applicable requirements of the following (EU) regulations:

  • 2017/373 (ATM/ANS services) – for provision of ATM/ANS services and functions;
  • 2015/340 (ATCO) – for licencing and training of ATCO’s;
  • 965/2012 (Air operations) – for Flight Calibration services (CAL);
  • 1321/2014 (Continuing airworthiness) – for Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) and for Maintenance Organisation (MO);


through organising, supporting and cooperating with certification, regulatory and supervisory bodies in performing inspections and regarding the implementation of corrective actions based on audit findings, analysis of audit results, conducting audits, identifying deficiencies, identifying opportunities for improvement, training of personnel and informing stakeholders.

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