SMATSA LLC ‘s jurisdiction remains the same

SMATSA LLC is responsible for Montenegro after NATO arrival

SMATSA LLC ‘s jurisdiction remains the same


Statement of Mr Predrag Jovanović, CEO of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC to the “Beta”, News Agency:

“SMATSA LLC provides air navigation services to civil and military users in the airspace under its jurisdiction, including airspace above Montenegro. Military flights are mostly performed in the special, segregated zones, designated for that purpose. The method in which the air traffic control, as well as coordination and communication are conducted with military users, is regulated by relevant agreements SMATSA LLC had concluded with the Ministries of Defence of both states who are the founders of SMATSA LLC.

Air traffic control services are provided in Montenegro from air traffic control in Podgorica, up to the altitude of 4400 metres and above this altitude the services are provided by Air Traffic Control Centre in Belgrade.

The services are provided in the safe and efficient manner in compliance with valid agreements to all flights in the airspace of both founding states.

In this particular case for NATO flights practicing Air Policing mission in the airspace of Montenegro, as well as in the situations when there are needs for conducting interception and other activities for air space control and protection purposes – Air policing, coordination procedures of air traffic control units and NATO are precisely given in the agreements. These flights are mostly performed for training purposes and in these situations NATO flights are conducted in segregated zones under NATO officers’ surveillance, while SMATSA LLC provides air traffic control services to civil traffic so that there are no conflict with the flights conducted under NATO control in a special segregated areas. Aerodrome Control in Podgorica is responsible for all coordination and communication pursuant to international standards and recommended practices.

SMATSA LLC’ responsibilities remain the same as always. SMATSA LLC is responsible to provide safe and efficient service and to enable safe, efficient and regular activities and flights of civil and military users. SMATSA LLC’ jurisdiction is to provide a portion of the airspace to military flights for conducting military activities and at the same time to provide air traffic control services to civil flights in the manner that they are conducted at the safe distance from military activities that is from the zones where military activities are performed.

Related cooperation is defined in the “Agreement on Civil-Military Cooperation, Control and Protection of the Montenegrin Airspace” signed between The Ministry of Defence of Montenegro and SMATSA LLC, in order to provide efficient framework for safe and regular civil traffic operations, that is air space mission protection.

Pursuant to provisions of agreement for providing support within Air Policing Mission in Montenegro, Aerodrome Control in Podgorica is a unit responsible for the contact between NATO and SMATSA LLC and this unit coordinates all necessary activities within SMATSA LLC, as a support of NATO Air Policing Mission in Montenegro”.