September 2013

SMATSA Aviation Academy at the air show in Novi Sad 2013


SMATSA Aviation Academy aircraft took part at the air show, “Novi Sad 2013 " on Saturday and Sunday, as a part of a review of the program, the formation  overflew  the Danube, the part between the Varadin and Sloboda Bridge. The pilots were: the flight instructors Dejan Brankov, Marko Markovic, and Ivan Edelinski. In this…

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Record number of students enrolled at SAA


SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vrsac held entry tests for admission of a new generation of self-financing students. 28 future students passed the entry tests. 27 were enrolled in a course for transport pilots ATP (A) and one will attend the private pilot (PPL) course. After the publication of the ranking list, the Agreements on Training…

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Flying from the plains into the whole world


- Etihad satisfied with the conditions at the Academy - Flying on its own airport - Training on brand new aircraft - 155  hours of flight training - Licence recognized on all meridians   Aviation Academy in Vršac is one of the rare academies that is proud to say that its students fly for the…

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