August 2018

Pilots’ Academy in Vršac Enrolls New Candidates


Vršac - More than 2,500 pilots have been trained in SMATSA Pilots’ Academy until now and new generation of students will enrol the Academy on 11th, September. The training will last 24 months and it consists of 1,163 classes of theoretical training and 215 classes of practical training on single engine and twin-engine aircraft. There…

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Pilots’ Training at Airport Vršac, Accompanied by Modern Safety Systems


Airport Vršac, who has 60 years long tradition of pilots’ training, is one of the most frequent airports in the country, considering air operations and maneuvers conducted only in one day. Besides, after "Nikola Tesla" Airport, it is also one of the most equipped airports since it possesses 20 modern aircraft, its own control tower,…

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Osman Nurković, Minister of Transport and Maritime of Montenegro visit


On 2nd August, 2018, Osman Nurković, the Minister of Transport and Maritime of Montenegro, visited Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA Llc together with his associates. Predrag Jovanović, SMATSA Llc CEO welcomed delegation from Montenegro together with his associates and Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and Ministry of Finance representatives. Working meeting was held…

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“SMATSA LLC continues with modernization process”


From 30th June, 2018 SMATSA llc increases safety level in providing air traffic services by operational use of the backup "Fallback ATM" system (2nd phase), the first of its kind in Europe. The Fallback ATM system is used in case of inability to provide services from the main ATM system, which enables the continuity of…

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