Pilots’ Academy in Vršac Enrolls New Candidates

SMATSA Aviation Academy

Pilots’ Academy in Vršac Enrolls New Candidates


Vršac – More than 2,500 pilots have been trained in SMATSA Pilots’ Academy until now and new generation of students will enrol the Academy on 11th, September. The training will last 24 months and it consists of 1,163 classes of theoretical training and 215 classes of practical training on single engine and twin-engine aircraft. There is also a course for crewmembers thus enabling students to send job applications to any company and continue with their further upgrade.

It is regular flying day in Pilot’s Academy in Vršac so it is very busy on the runway. Fifteen aircraft is engaged in future pilots’ training and 60 students daily participate in practical training in the air. Now, there are around 125 students on the training, from all over the world – Europe, Africa, Asia and even America and Denis Kornja from Vršac has been in the Academy from April this year. The profession, he has been trained for, has attracted him because of its special qualities and possibilities, he said:

“Speed, adrenaline and all that, and to be honest this is a job with the best office view. I think it is the main reason and there is nothing better. The Academy.is great, everything in it is so professional so that I cannot complain and I have not heard until now that someone is telling anything bad about this Academy.” Denis said.

A complete infrastructure and manoeuvring areas as well as all necessary technology and air traffic control are at disposal to this student and all others, while experienced, theoretical staff and flight instructors enable safe and qualitative conducting of the training. Recently a new. Navigational Aids have been provided since provider SMATSA had an obligation to procure them for all air space users:

“We were the first to have that opportunity, satisfaction and honour that VOR/DMI was installed at our place. It enables safe and secure approach for landing in complex meteorological conditions when visibility is reduced and it helps to bring an aircraft, together with its equipment and pilot, to land safely.” Mirko Vranić, the Head of SMATSA Aviation Academy emphasized.

Due to all these reasons there is a huge interest for SMATSA Academy and in September we have enrolment of the new generation. Besides, AIR Serbia has also opened a competition for hiring new pilots in its company.

“That also indicates that pilot’s profession is very interesting one since it provides many possibilities to find a job and thus to return the financial means invested in the candidate by having secure job in future,” remarked Vranić.

In future period Academy will continue with program upgrade for future, satellite navigation operation and will have additional equipment for flight simulator. Also, we will finish ground and flight instructors’ training. In this way, we will follow trends requested by civil authorities of our country, pursuant to EU regulations.


Source: RTV (Marija Trišić), http://www.rtv.rs/sr_lat/mladi/obrazovanje/pilotska-akademija-u-vrscu-upisuje-nove-polaznike_946178.html