Airport Nis is getting new tower

Eight million euros investment

Airport Nis is getting new tower


Since bombing in 1999, air traffic control at Airport “Konstantin Veliki” in Nis has been working in provisional conditions. The equipment satisfies military and civil air traffic needs but, according to Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA llc, the modernization is necessary. The construction of the new tower is expected in 2021.

The briefest definition of air traffic control officer’s job is – predict unpredictable. During the communication with aircraft’s crew, the strict rules are followed.

“When the pilot contacts us we confirm the route that has been previously approved to him, we give him data concerning runway in use, meteorological conditions and all other data that can influence on the safety of his flight”, Dejan Prolović, air traffic control officer, explains.

From the modest control tower in Nis all activities at military and civil airport are monitored.

“We have the record this year simply because “Air Serbia” has opened 12 new routes since the middle of the June and practically it brought us double job”, stated Slaviša Savić, ATCO Instructor.

Tower building in Nis was destroyed during bombing, since it was situated at military portion of the airport in Nis. After bombing, as temporary solution, this building was constructed.”

They are talking about new building for a long time. The tower will be 35 metres high, and complete modernization will cost eight million euros.

“The procurement of the land for the construction of the tower and alternate air traffic control centre is in the procedure. The next year is the year for designing and selection of the constructors and the year 2021 is the year for construction. Moving into the new premises will be followed by new equipment and all these will enable us to follow the increase of the traffic at the airport Nis as well as to decrease air traffic control workload”, explains Predrag Jovanović, CEO of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA llc.

Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA llc covers air space of both countries, portion of Adriatic Sea and 55% of Bosnia and Herzegovina airspace.


Source: RTS