SMATSA CEO, Mr. Predrag Jovanović at Gate One platform

Successful meeting of ATCs CEOs, gathered in GATE ONE platform, resulted in cooperation upgrade of leading, regional ANSPs

SMATSA CEO, Mr. Predrag Jovanović at Gate One platform


09-10 December 2019 – CEOs of 13 ANSPs from Central and Eastern Europe, members of the Gate One Platform, met in Sofia, Bulgaria in order to discuss and agree upon their strategic objectives and Gate One work programs relating to the changes of Single European Sky regulations, which are planned in the following years. During the participation at the meeting, SMATSA CEO supported Gate One endeavours to raise cooperation and Gate One working programs at the higher level and to strengthen the position of the regional ANSPs, including SMATSA , in the context of the planned changes in ATM domain in the following years.

At the meeting, CEOs agreed on the importance of strengthening the strategic position of Gate One at European level and the method of cooperation. New level of Gate One cooperation and connections will bring operational benefits for all members, thus leading to achievement of all Single European Sky requirements through the realization of operational benefits for all Gate One members, strengthening the key position of Gate One in the decision-making processes in European ATM.

Chair of Gate One addressed the present participants of the meeting, particularly emphasizing the following: “This regional Gate One cooperation platform represents the foundation for our common success. As we are getting ready for future challenges, providers’ cooperation has never been more important when developing new ATM concepts and creating ATC’ business operating models of the next decade. The Gate One Work Programme for 2020 will enable us to deal with the ATC system capacity crisis and to strengthen Gate One strategic positions in coordination with CANSO Europe.”

Gate One Action Plan for 2020 was agreed at the meeting in Sofia. The Plan stressed the importance of voicing common members’ positions on prevailing issues such as new concepts in ATM, new business operating models for Air Traffic Data Service Providers, the future economic regulation on the ANSPs that is the future Single European Sky requirements.